mumAs you can probably guess, Mother’s Day is a really hard day for me. However, I refuse to wallow in my own pity juice, so I’ve written a poem in celebration of those less conventional mums out there.



All the mums

Hot mums, cool mums, embarrassing at school mums.

Rock mums, frock mums, watching the clock mums.

Beardy mums, weird mums, bio-engineered mums.

Mellow mums, irate mums, borrowed from a mate mums

Power mums, flower mums, charge by the hour mums.

Trans mums, cis mums, big sloppy kiss mums.

Big mums, slim mums, friendly with the gin mums.

Straight mums, gay mums, roll in the hay mums.

Young mums, older mums, there with a shoulder mums.

Absent mums, there mums, tearing out their hair mums.

Mums to be nurtured, however hard.

Mums to be valued for who they are.

Perfection be damned – there’s no ‘Good Mum’s Guide’

Love your mum as they are, with your heart open wide.


Dedicated to my daughter, and my own lovely mum xxx