Well, this is the first time I have tried to write a blog from my mobile, so please forgive if my efforts are not as pretty as usual, and fall victim to the stupidities of predictive text. Ah, and it would appear I don’t have a ‘return’ facility, so prepare yourselves for one long paragraph! I shouldn’t complain…I love the fact that I can sit writing my blog on a phone the size of a postage stamp (but probably not worth as much, these days) miles from my computer. An iPad would be handier, though. Any rich people out there want to buy a gift for me?? I only ask because that worked for James Darling recently, when a fan of his Tumblr bought him a camera after he happened to mention he wanted one. So it’s worth a try, though I suspect I have less mass appeal than the lovely James…ANYway, the subject of today’s post is simple. Nebido. I went to see my doctor yesterday following a few months of increasing dysphoria surrounding using Testogel, as explained in an earlier post. He is happy to recommend Nebido to my GP, at least to give it a go. He has warned that I may experience fluctuations in mood and energy while my body is adjusting to having a 3 monthly shot rather than my current daily gel. Also, things like my (already bad) acne may worsen. Well, I’m willing to risk upsetting the apple cart a little to ease the psychological stuff that has been so unexpectedly caused by the gel. I should be starting with the Nebido in the next 2 or 3 weeks, so watch this space. And anybody with any experience of switching from Testogel to Nebido, I’d be really interested to hear from you.