I’m sorry this post is a little later than usual. I’m usually quite a punctual type, but this week’s ramblings have drifted a bit. I was away for the weekend, and whilst I probably had time to do a post on Friday, before leaving, my head hit a blank, trying to think of something fresh, zingy and exciting to write about.

This normally isn’t a problem, as things usually crop up during the week that make me think/make me angry/make me laugh, so it’s easy to pick a topic. So far in my transition, there’s usually been something happening that has been uppermost in my mind (preparing for x, worrying about x, explaining x, recovering from x, etc), but actually, this week, life has just been, well, ordinary.

I have been asked by a few people about what my future plans are, and they are currently pretty simple. I just plan to get on with my life. I am on testosterone, which is going well. I have had my chest surgery, which went well. Now I plan to enjoy living with myself for a while. Enjoy the changes as they happen. Now, don’t get me wrong, there will still be plenty of things to write about. It’s Transgender Day of Remembrance next week and I also have a whole post on Masculinity in development, to name just two things. I really enjoy writing about things that people are interested in, so message me if you have a request!

But being trans, even though it can often seem like there’s lots happening, is largely just about being ordinary. No more drama than anybody else, really. I’ve been told my life is interesting. Whilst I can see that some of the stuff I do is out of the ordinary, I also go to work, clean out the litter tray, worry about spots, lose entire evenings to dreadful television shows, etc. etc.

Most of all, trans people are ordinary people. Whilst the media still wish to make us freaks (witness this recent headline: “INCREDIBLY, 39 year old Hannah was BORN A MAN”), we won’t be seen, or treated, by others, as normal or unremarkable. The day when something like that fails to make it into a newspaper, not because we’re being censored, but because we’re just not that interesting, is a day, in my opinion, to look forward to.

Now, I’m off to CONTROVERSIALLY SMEAR MY NAKED BODY IN TESTOSTERONE, then pack my lunchbox for work…