WordPress allows me to see the terms that people have put into search engines to get to my blog. Some of them are pretty predictable. Things like “ftm operation”, “ftm surgery”, “ftm penis” and “transman genitalia” do kind of bear out what I’ve said before about the world’s seeming obsession with what’s in my pants. Others are kind of bizarre, and I can only guess how shocked or disappointed people were to be referred to my blog. Here are some of the best:

“boy ankles” – Can anyone enlighten me as to why ANY sane person would type this into a Google search? A cub scout fetishist, perhaps?

“does taking oestrogen gel curb my appetite” – No idea, but good luck finding out.

“how can I tell if I am retaining water” – Yeah, I know I did a post on my water retention issues (classy, me) but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t what this person was looking for.

“hairy cankles” – Ummm…a Cub Scout Leader fetishist this time??

“are you talking to my boobs?” – Who was this person asking? Me? The computer? Her invisible friend?

“the characteristics of the most feminine body” – Bwahahahahaaaa. I am so the wrong person to be asking for those!

“my boobs are evil” – I hear you. I mean, not necessarily yours…I’m sure from the outside they’re very lovely…unless they’re possessed…I’ll shut up now.

“images of hairy fairys” – Really? I mean, really??

And the top three searches since I started this blog? Drum roll, purlease….

1)     “transman penis” (Doh)

2)     “transgender transition” (Fair enough)

3)     “pictures of transgender transition mtf” (These people must have been gutted when instead of pics of gorgeous transwomen, they got me gurning about the state of gents’ toilets)

And my own personal favourite? “Vegan ftm”, because for once I may have been just the person that searcher was looking for. I like to think so, anyway!