Today’s blog may be a little less focused than usual – there’s not much to report in my little world at the moment, which rather suits me: I don’t like too much drama!

Willemina reports that I seem to be becoming a calmer person all round. That’s lovely news as, if the truth be known, I really don’t feel very calm inside. I feel like I have permanent PMT at the moment – not the nicest of feelings, so it’s good to know that from the outside at least I’m looking serene!

I am hoping the general PMT feeling will wear off after a while. One thing I am pleased to report is that the period that was due last month has failed to materialise. It is currently running on 18 days late, which I am devoutly hoping means it won’t appear at all. That said, now I’ve actually typed out and published that last statement, Madame Oestrogen is bound to jump in and interfere! But seriously, really, really keep your fingers crossed for me that I am one of the lucky few who finally rids themselves of menstruation early on in the transition process. Statistically, it can take anything between one month and a year, and I’d dearly love to be at the early end of that.

Following on from last week’s complaints about hunger, I think I have found a temporary solution of sorts…I am eating four meals a day. I’m slotting another meal in as soon as I come in from work (3.30-ish on my current shift pattern), which then stops the need to snack like a monster til dinnertime. So far so good. I feel a little more in control.

I am really looking forward to going back to the gym in June. Financial circumstances meant that we had to freeze our gym memberships for a while, but that’ll soon be finished and I can get back to the weights. I do have exercise equipment at home, but I’m a lazy f*cker, with little motivation, so that’s not been a brilliant alternative. I do like the gym, and I’m looking forward to giving my burgeoning new muscles a proper workout.

Just a little smiley note to finish – I went to a wedding last weekend. It’s the first time I’ve been ‘out’ to a big formal social occasion since living full-time as Mark. It went really well. I looked good (modest, me!) and I was treated as one of the lads. Thank you lads – I’m not sure if you realise what a difference it makes.