It’s two weeks today, and having scrutinised myself inside and out, I have the following to report:

Good stuff:

  • Signs that my voice is changing (I sound like I’ve been smoking Capstan)
  • Growth of a personal nature (I won’t say more…I’m shy)
  • Increased libido (wOOpaah!)
  • Bags more confidence (check my swagger)

Less good stuff:

  • Permanent frog in my throat, which is sore.
  • Temper showing more than usual.
  • Spots. Dammit.
  • Eye strain from spending so much time looking in the mirror for changes.

Not much to report, really – I don’t look any different (apart from the zits). I do feel different, but not in an exciting, flash-of-light sort of way. I guess I feel refreshingly normal, which is good. Now back to my mirror…